Few Businesses you can start with your spouse.


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Meeting and getting to know people at events such as parties or the speed dating Houston events don’t need to end at talking and exchanging numbers, then part ways.
There should be something to learn and impact into each other’s lives in the long run, let it not just end with the usual formalities and pleasantries, get to meet someone you know you’re capable of having a long term relationship. Even going as far as setting up a business together, if you two were not already dating, …

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10 rules to follow when considering starting a business with your significant other

Starting a business with your spouse sounds like a good idea, but it has its own challenges. Like any other new business, startups are a lot of work and if you both are not careful you could end up having a lot of headaches. For instance if you are in event planning (like speed dating Houston), you will need to have boundaries and mutual respect even with your clients. Unless you both come up …